A downloadable game for Windows

This is a short historical fiction game set in 2137,

200 years after the Hindenburg Disaster.

A big corporation is gaining power, and their new submarine train is the symbol of their booming business. It's a fast, safe and effective way to transport people and goods, a rarity in a world where the sea and air space are getting more and more dangerous... With their new train, the company seems to live up to their slogan "Better future, for better people". But already some are wondering, is it a promise, or a threat?

Is destroying the train, the symbol and the pride of the company, enough to leave the whole corporation vulnerable? Who knows, but it's worth a try.

It is the 5th of May, and it's time to make the history repeat itself.

Music by Tapio Piuva

Programming and Art by Samuli Määttä

Story by Loviisa Karjalainen


Mouse, arrow keys or A/D for movement

Mouse for interaction

F for fullscreen

M for mute

Esc for quit

Install instructions

2137_jam.zip includes the original jam entry files.

2137.zip is a newer version, and it should be slightly less rough around the edges.

I recommend trying the new version. If you encounter any bugs, please let me know!


2137_jam.zip 44 MB
2137.zip 44 MB

Development log


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Gave it a go...


Thanks for the review and the kind words! In my book decent is still a praise for a game made in such a short time.

I also agree with you that the ending could have been much better.